Ratina Drinks

About us

SEPANTA Agro-Industry Company was registered in 2006 with the goal of producing healthy and high quality drinks in accordance with international standards, consumer protection, employment and national pride in Iran. In the first phase, the company produces non-alcoholic beer with different flavors such as lemon, peach, tropical, classic malt , Carbonated natural juices, energy drinks and natural mineral water in 1000 and 330cc PET bottles,  280 and 320cc aluminum cans and 320cc glass By the brand of RATINA .

To achieve the goals of producing world-class quality products, the company uses limestone wells at a depth of 340 meters and, height of 200 meters above sea level in the Snowy area called SEPIDAN to supply water as the main part of the beverage industry from the Zagros Mountains. The source of water is in a place without any primary and secondary pollution and without any possibility of agriculture and animal husbandry within a few kilometers radius.

Organization policy

  Implementation of new management methods in the production of health-oriented, safe and high quality products under national and international standards (ISO -22000, ISO -9001)

Improve the health and quality of products according to international requirements and standards including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP, GHP) and other national requirements

Utilizing modern and up-to-date technologies to maintain the nutritional value and health of products

Healthy and dynamic competition in the domestic and international arena

Customer-oriented under global standards (ISO-1001, ISO-1002) and Consumer protection

Continuous improvement in the production cycle of products and its control and monitoring

Ratina non-alcoholic beer with all mineral properties, without nitrite and sulfate. This product has low hardness and have national standards and licensing from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and accredited domestic and foreign laboratories. This product is of the highest quality and at the highest standards of the world and is suitable for all ages, even children. RATINA is the only  non-alcoholic beer produced by mineral water in Iran.

Using this drink relieves nervous exhaustion, grow and prevent hair loss, soften and rejuvenate the skin, provide a variety of  B and C vitamins. Because it is a good source of flavonoid, carotenoid and anthocyanin compounds, it is also useful in improving vascular function, blood supply, heart, kidney health, protecting the body against cancer and stroke.

It is hoped that by delivering the highest quality products and continuous improvement, attractive packaging, product development and employment along with greater satisfaction and respect for customers' preferences and diversity, we will be able to meet the expectations of domestic and foreign consumers and be a part of your choices.

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