Ratina Drinks

1L Pet Bottle

1L Pet Bottle

Carbonated juices are based on natural water and fruit concentrates, so their nutritional value is far higher than other Carbonated drinks. Therefore, SEPANTA Agro-industry Company has produced and packaged this kind of natural juices in four flavors of Red Grape, Blueberry, Mojito and Lemonade with the use of  RATINA brand. The Carbonated  juices produced by this company are the only natural  juices produced by mineral water, and no preservatives have been used because of the pasteurization system.

The most important difference between Carbonated juice and colas is that the primary base of old cola or beverages is water and sugar, while the primary base of RATINA Carbonated natural  juice is concentrate. For this reason, their nutritional value is higher than other beverages. Also, Carbonated juice will not cause problems for the consumer such as osteoporosis, which is related to cola drinks.

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