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Carbonated juices are based on natural water and fruit concentrates, so their nutritional value is far higher than other Carbonated drinks.

Carbonated juices are relatively newcomer beverages that most people prefer to drink instead of simple fruit juices. Especially if they want to have this drink with their food. Carbonated juices will not cause  problems for the consumer such as osteoporosis compare to cola drinks.

How to Produce Carbonated Juices:

Carbonated fruit juices, which have been available in grocery stores for some time, are based on different fruit juices.  This means that this drink, like Packaged fruit juice, has a volume of natural fruit juice along with some other ingredients and additives. Typically, about 20 to 90 percent of Carbonated fruit juice is made up of fruit juice itself, with the rest containing water, Sugar, essence and vitamins such as vitamin C.
 Some carbonic gas, or CO2, has also been added to these Carbonated juices.

The difference between Carbonated juices and cola

The most important difference between Carbonated juices and colas is that the primary base of old cola or beverages is water and sugar, while the primary base of RATINA carbonated juice is concentrate. For this reason, their nutritional value is higher than other beverages. In general, the consumption of Carbonated fruit juice due to the fruit concentrate in its compounds is better than the classic beverages or colas that lack any nutritional value and only have osteoporosis and overweight issues.

  It is not bad to know that the colors in colas are purely synthetic colors and therefore they are not highly recommended compared to Carbonated juices.

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